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Single-origins offer unique characteristics and specific tastes for true connoisseurs of invigorating and delicious coffees. Based on your personal preferences, you can choose between Arabica or...

Coffee Blends

Blends of 100% Arabica of different varieties and mixtures of Arabica and Robusta. Arabica gives the cup a delicate and soft aromatic taste sensation, while Robusta has a more intense, bitter and...

Espresso Blends

These classic top grade blends are perfect for espresso makers. They may also be used for coffee vending machines.  Classic Espresso is a superb blend of top grade original coffee beans for a...

Spiced Coffee

A pleasant mix of unusual aromas and flavor notes.  These unique coffees are a taste sensation.

Flavored Coffee

Drinks with authentic flavors - a wide selection of fresh roasted coffees with subtle and enchanting aromas of sweets, fruit and freshly baked bread.

Barista Line

A line of mixes for true professionals.

Dobraya Chashka, (Fair Cup TM)

Blends offered  under the trade mark “Dobraya Chashka”

Lucky Life Instant Coffee

Aromatic coffee in the form of water-soluble dry granules.

Lucky Life Tea

Assorted teas from Coffee Studio

Nuts and Dried Fruits Eco Food

Nuts and dried fruits in Eco Food vacuum packaging


Our Offers



Custom Coffees
For the 'Espresso Bar' professional line, we offer only the best new-season coffees. Green Arabica and Robusta beans are delivered by trusted and reputable suppliers within the coffee sector. The mixtures can be blended in different proportions of Arabica / Robusta and with different degrees of roast, taking into account your taste preferences.
Fresh Roasted Coffee
We roast coffee in Crimea on the day of your order. Our coffee is not stored in a warehouse, where it can be exposed to moisture, so it does not lose its taste. Besides, you will not have to overpay for a long supply chain.
Coffee For Office
This is a special offer for offices - reserve your coffee in advance and pick it up at any convenient time. The cost of the coffee will be wholesale.
Roast To Order
We can make a blend and roast coffee for your trademark, coffee shop, or store. Also we can weigh and pack your signature coffee blend.
Coffee for Cafes, Bars, Restaurants
We offer our products at wholesale and retail prices (from 1 kg). The products of the Espresso Bar line are used for sales in the HoReCa segment, as well as for vending, and shops.


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